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Fixing images for the web
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CONVERTING HITS TO SALES - getting the best from your website

Your website is currently creating an impression of your business. Doubtless you want the images on your site to send the right message to your customers.

Sadly this is not always the case and the quality of the images on your website might not only be sending out the wrong message but losing you customers.

PictureFix can help you. We are specialists in OPTIMIZING images to their full potential and have 10 years experience in this area with hundreds of satisfied customers who still send images on a daily or weekly basis.

Picture Fix
Before Picture Fix

Picture Fix

Image intensified
Colour corrected
Sky added

After Picture Fix
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Examples of optimised images

Send us your website address and we will enhance the whole site from as little as £2.50 per image. The image below demonstrates what can be achieved at this price.

Image enhancement service - the image on the right has been brightened and made sharper
All our images are processed manually (not automated software) so that the best results possible are obtained. In the example below the image is not only brightened but also straightened to correct the partial 'fish-eye' effect common with internal shots. (2 processes)
Duncraig castle has its walls straightened
Below is another common problem where the model is shot on a bright background with light clothes
Girls face is brightened in the right hand shot